Animal Repeller >>> Special Online Offer <<<

Animal Repeller >>> Special Online Offer <<<Defend your garden from animal pests

A man’s home is his castle but the grounds of your castle are usually defenceless against the predations of all kinds of animals. Do you have racoons in your rubbish, possums in your fruit trees, rabbits in the cabbages? You don’t need to put up with any of that and you won’t need a shotgun to rid your garden of these nocturnal pests. Animal Repeller is a new, humane and green way to keep animals out of your garden. Animal Repeller is a solar powered noise generator. It produces a high pitched sound that is inaudible to humans. But humans have a narrow auditory range and almost all animals can hear sounds that we regard as ultrasonic. And these very high pitched sounds are extremely unpleasant for animals. So as soon as they come within range of Animal Repeller’s infrared motion detector, the sound is activated and the animal gets as far away as it can.

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For years people have used poisons, traps and guns to keep animals out of their gardens. But most of these animals are a normal part of the ecology and by killing them we run theAnimal Repeller >>> Special Online Offer <<< danger of throwing the environment out of balance. Animal Repeller doesn’t harm animals at all, it simply makes your garden a very unpleasant place to be. Once you’ve owned Animal Repeller for a while, you’ll notice that it is activating less and less, because the animals in your neighbourhood have learnt to steer clear of your garden. You’ll be able to relax, knowing that the plants you’ve put so much work into are safe in the care of the amazing Animal Repeller.

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Animal Repeller is completely self-contained and comes with impeccably green credentials. You simple drive the mounting stake into the ground and turn it on. It’s solar powered, so it uses no household power and there are no power cords to be concealed around your garden. Animal Repeller works at a distance of up to 30 feet, so it’s containable enough not to bother your neighbour’s pets. And speaking of those, you can say goodbye to all those dead patches in your front lawn from the visits of the neighbour’s dog. He’ll soon learn that your lawn is not the one for him when you have Animal Repeller.

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Animal Repeller is made by the renowned electronics firm Bell and Howell, so you know you’re buying quality. It’s sturdy and reliable and will last for yours. The infrared detector works day and night and you can even use Animal Repeller indoors to keep mice and snakes out of your home. If you prefer to mount Animal Repeller on a fence or wall, the mounting stake is easily removable. We’ve got Animal Repeller her for you at the low price of just $29.95. You’ll never find a deal like this in stores, so take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

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